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Southwest Organizing Project Gets The Word Out About Text4baby






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Having a child, whether your first or third, can be a time of great uncertainty, but more than 18,000 women in Illinois are finding stability and support through text4baby. 

Text4baby is the first ever free mobile health resource that provides pregnant women and new moms the information they need to help them care for their health and give their babies the best possible start in life—all via text message! Women who sign up for the service, by texting “baby” to 511411 (or “bebe” for Spanish), will receive three free text messages each week, which are timed to their due date or baby’s date of birth. These messages focus on a variety of topics critical to maternal and child health including: breastfeeding, nutrition, seasonal flu, immunization, mental health, injury prevention, oral health, safe sleep, and more! Text4baby messages also connect women to prenatal and infant care services. 

Launched in 2010, text4baby was quickly recognized as an important source of support for parents, but new data shows that it is also an effective public health tool. Evaluation of text4baby finds that it is increasing users’ health knowledge, facilitating interaction with their health providers, improving their adherence to appointments and immunizations and improving their access to health services. 

The Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) is using a grant from Healthy Placesto organize a team of community health leaders. The team has completed outreach to SWOP membership institutions and to local business owners.  Healthy Places is a joint project of the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children (CLOCC).  As part of this initiative, the health leader team is spreading the word about Text4Baby to parents in the community.   Healthy Places is also working withHolyCrossHospital to become officially “Baby-Friendly”. The “Baby Friendly” label is an international designation signifying that a hospital fosters maternity practices promoting and supporting breastfeeding.    HolyCrossHospital is committed to making sure that families get breast feeding information and care during their pregnancy.  HolyCrossHospitalFamilyBirthCenter provides the highest quality care for families during and following pregnancy. .   Text4baby is an excellent way to help achieve this goal. 

In the month of September, the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, SWOP, and partner organizations are leading a social media campaign to connect Text4baby users on Facebook and Twitter. The highlight of this campaign is our photo contest, in which the winner will receive a $25 Target gift card. We hope that you will help us to spread the word about this important resource. With your help, we can ensure that more women, children, and families will have the best opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives. 

The Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition is the statewide coordinator for text4baby and we have been working with health departments, community clinics, doctors’ offices and local businesses to promote this important public health tool. To date we have helped to enroll nearly 18,000 users and have made FREE outreach materials available for order from our website. 

If you are interested volunteering with SWOP on our health initiatives please contact, Jana Estell, 773-471-8208.    If you would like to visit the Family Birth Center call 773-884-7600 to schedule a tour. 

To schedule a free pregnancy test call 1-888-471-4440.



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