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Holy Cross Hospital honors state representatives, senators

When Holy Cross Hospital first opened its doors over 80 years ago, its mission was simple: provide quality health care with compassion. In fact, its core mission of caring for the “physical, emotional and spiritual needs of community residents” on the South side has never wavered.

So when the hospital faced budget cuts across the board and Medicaid had to be cut at both the state and federal level, Holy Cross and its many community partners rallied together to make sure it stayed open.

While the hospital did receive some cuts—as did many other hospitals across the state—they were spared from what could have been a far more severe outcome.

“We have worked together to build up from desperate conditions,” said Dennis Ryan, the Vice President of Community and External Affairs at Holy Cross.

On Tuesday evening, hospital staff and local community organizations gathered to honor the many state representatives and senators whose votes ensured the hospital’s doors remained open.

“This is the center point of the community,” state Representative Dan Burke (D-23rd) said. “The Sisters of St. Casmir have given their lives for humanity. We could not survive without this institution.”

The Southwest Organizing Project, Neighborhood Housing Services, IMAN, the Southwest Youth Collaborative, Metropolitan Family Services and Greater Southwest Development Corporation were just some of the community groups in attendance.

Holy Cross Hospital is located at 2701 W. 68th St., near the corner of California Avenue and Marquette Road.

(Cover photo courtesy of Holy Cross Hospital)

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