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Purchasing pool aims to help local businesses save money

Greater Southwest Development Corporation launched its Community Purchasing Pool in late January of 2012.

A Community Purchasing Pool program (CPP) is a collection of businesses, residences, and organizations who partner with pool facilitators to negotiate cheaper, wholesale price with companies that provide large amounts of energy, waste collection and credit card processing. 

By creating a pool of high-volume consumers, the CPP is able to negotiate lower prices with alternative or existing service providers who are responsible for delivery of
electricity, waste disposal and credit card processing.

Members will still receive a single bill from the service providers and will contact the service provider directly for issues such as power outages, emergency repairs or general
issues that require attention. The only change is the charge on your electric bills, waste disposal fees and credit card processing rates.

Since January GSDC has seen close to 100 businesses take advantage of the program. To see more about the participating brokers, which includes GSDC, Payment Alliance, National Purchasing Pool and US Cellular, you can read a summary here.

To see how the program has already helped business owners, watch these two videos.

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